Work-Close-up-pictureGod has blessed me with a very happy, multifaceted life. 

  My “work”  responsibilities, as office manager for a small business, range from janitor to web designer!  Each day is different and I’m constantly challenged to learn new skills and upgrade my current ones.  I am in  my 7th year in this position and I still enjoy it very much.  Hopefully I will never have to find a “real job”, this one is too fun!

Being a “Domestic Engineer” (mostly on the weekends) is a very important part of my life.  Since I bought my home, I have done some renovating.  I can handle a drill and circular saw with some skill, and have enjoyed making my house into a relaxing retreat.  I enjoy all the  activities and projects that are part of maintaining my comfy, little home I’ve named “Taraleen Cottage”.

My precious family brings me joy and happiness that is inexpressible!  The boys and their wives and my grandchildren are the lights of my life!  I am so proud of each and every one of them.  They are my treasures.  I also enjoy spending time with the rest of my family and extended family.  We’re all a pretty tight clan and I enjoy that very much!  

Reading, knitting, photography and scrapbooking fill my free time.  Knitting is so calming  and I love to make things to give to my family and friends.  I enjoy scrapbooking with family and friends.  It’s such fun to get everyone’s opinions and oohhs and aahhs when I finish a page!   Photography is my newest interest!  I recently bought a Canon DSLR and one of my goals for 2016 is to learn how to use it and Photoshop Elements software.   Reading is sandwiched into my day whenever I can find the time.  I also enjoy reading in bed before going to sleep at night.

I also love using my new touch screen computer or sitting with my ipad perusing Pinterest and checking out Facebook to keep up with family and friends. I especially love seeing pictures of my grandchildren!   Beside this website, I maintain Daddy’s Memorial Website and in remembrance of my niece, and my blog – beaucoeur blessings.    I love technology!

Everyday I thank God for blessing me with this wonderful life!!