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This angel has been sitting on my home office desk and smiling at me daily for over 15 years reminding me to “Follow Your Heart’s Desire”.  It was giv [...]

The daily habit of making their bed comes easily for some people.  However, for me it’s quite a different story. Every morning the struggle begins: Be [...]

July 31st is a special day for me.  This would have been Wayne and I’s middle son’s 39th birthday.  Some years ago, I wrote down my thoughts and feeli [...]


I have always loved technology and learning new things. Knowing this, my son suggested that I build a website.  I asked him, "What would I call it?"  He told me he'd call me right back with an idea, and he did!  "", he said.  "It means "beautiful heart" in French".  Since I love and collect hearts, the fit was perfect!  

That was 15 years ago, and since that time I have enjoyed developing, changing and improving my website. I also started a blog, Beaucoeur Blessings, and have lovingly created Daddy's Memorial Website and niece Sarah Whittaker's Memorial Website. My interest in web building has paid off and I was able to build sites for my bosses.

I hope you enjoy browsing and much as I enjoy building my website!